The world is currently facing an unprecedented global pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating socially, economically, and mentally in addition to the virus’ physical toll. However, the damage caused by COVID-19 is not equal due to a variety of social factors that have historically led to inequitable health outcomes for marginalized individuals, especially people of color.

Activism Always is an interdisciplinary team with a shared passion from social impact and data (Miki O’Reggio, Jin Pu, Hoa Nguyen, Chelsie Lui). As a student-founded initiative interested in how accessible data strategy can transform impact in the mission sector, Activism Always has…

Our team conducted research to support our Black Lives Matter, Always project in August of 2020 and we had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Erin M. Kerrison. Dr. Kerrison’s work and experience enabled her to provide a unique insight into the Black Lives Matter movement, student activism and the role of data in the social impact sector.

As a UC Berkeley Assistant Professor, Dr. Kerrison’s work extends from a legal epidemiological framework, wherein law and legal institutions operate as structural determinants of health. Specifically, through varied agency partnerships, her mixed-method research agenda investigates the impact that compounded structural disadvantage…

Activism Always

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